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Changing VISA Synchronous state


Trying to change VISA read/write synchronous state.


LabVIEW Help says to right click on the node and select the mode you want (Synchronous I/O Mode).


I right click on it, See that "Synchronous" is checked, and because it is easier or built into my mouse memory I just re-assert the click on and choose "Synchronous", except that when I do that, it changes it to Asynchronous.  It behaves as if any choosing of the Synchronous I/O Mode just toggles the state, instead of actually setting the state to what you chose.


This does not seem logical to me.  Am I doing this right, or is there some other problem going on here?

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I see what you're saying.  Any click on either of the two pull-rights toggles the current selection.


I will agree that the semantics of the menu could be better, but as a practical matter it's below my threshold Smiley Happy


The icon changes to include the watchface glyph when the node is set to asynch, so I only right-click on it when I want to change it.  And it's waaay better than back in the days of yore, when it was a global app preference (syncVISA=TRUE, IIRC).



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