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Change the default color table in an intensity graph

Hi all

I'm using the intensity graph to display a grayscale image.

Now, I've got a little tired from the routine of placing the intensity graph-create a property node-connect it to my constant color table.


Is there a way to change the default color table so when I drop the intensity graph to the FP it will be with a different Z-scale?



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not sure if this is what your after


hope it helps tho,


i did a search on this website for labview intensity graph  colour

Please remember to accept any solutions and give kudos, Thanks

LV 8.6.1, LV2010,LV2011SP1, FPGA, Win7
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This is not what I'm after.

What you suggested is another way to programmly change the color of the graph (which I didn't know about, thanx).


But what I'm looking for is a way to change the default configurations of the intensity graph, so when I drop it to the FP it'll be with a given color table without doing any programming at all.


Is it possible?

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