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Change table size and headers in type def cluster

Is is possible to change a table size and headers that is inside a type def cluster?


I have a vi that loads test parameters from a csv file. The original program used an AC load so there was a column for power factor. I now have to convert this same program to be used with a DC load, so there is no power factor column.


I have modified to vi to adjust the "test table" dynamically based on the input file. But the "test table" in the cluster does not update it's size or column headers.


The "test table" in the cluster is used through out the main program to set the values for each test step and display the current step by highlighting the row.

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Nevermind, I figured it out...


I was doing it wrong from the start, in an effort to save time writing the original program I simply copied the "test table" to by type def cluster.  This worked but was not really as universal as I thought it would be, as the table was now engraved in stone since the cluster is a type def.


I should not have done that, but rather used an array in the cluster and only used the table in the top level VI where it's displayed on the screen.



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