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Change data format (from devices mess to dec?)

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Hi all!


Problem: I get data from device (serial) and it looks like this in string-display ¿Ww¿a¹¢¿fÚñ¿‡ò¶¿ but when i am changing displays mode to HEX it looks fine and data is correct. Now i have a problem how to change that HEX data to decimals automaticly when get it on the device. How to change ¿Ww¿a¹¢¿fÚñ¿‡ò¶¿ data to HEX somewhere else than on display (modes)? And handle it in HEX format? not in Ww¿a¹¢¿fÚñ¿‡ò¶¿ format.


Thank You! 


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Its here.....cheers Smiley Happy


Conversion_Block diagram.JPG


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Use the "String to Byte Array" function located in String/Array/Path Conversion menu to convert to decimal.



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I often use the type cast function. It is useful if the "string" received is say an array of I16 integers.


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Works fine.. thanks alot 🙂
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