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Change column width in Labview Database Connectivity Toolset

The Access Database created seems to limited the string column width to that of the first record set. How can I change/increase this so the same column will take longer strings?
Zuolan Wang
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DB Tools Create Table has column information input, that is an array of clusters that describe each column to be created. One of the inputs in this cluster is size of column in database. It is only used for string data type. Here, you can specify the width of the column in number of characters.

Zvezdana S.
National Instruments
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Thanks for your reply. The VI I am using to create the tables (and inserte the data the same time) is 'DB Tools Inser Data' which allows me to save Labview clusters directly to the database without the trouble of manually specifying the column format. To use the approach you suggested, I need to be able to obtain the (database equavelant) of column formats from the cluster programatically. Any ideas?
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