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Change color of an item in Tree Control

Change color of an item in Tree Control

I want to change the color of items in a tree control. There is a property for that:

You need to set the active tag: ActiveItemTag
And then set the ForeGround color or the BackGround color: CellFG, CellBG

That's what I do. But I get this error message:

Possible reason(s):

Error 1131 occurred at Property Node (arg 2) in Untitled 1

LabVIEW: You cannot use this property with this dialog control.

I can read it, but not able to set it. WHY?

See example:

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Re: Change color of an item in Tree Control

Hello Nitrof,

You cannot use Property Nodes to customize the appearance of the dialog controls and indicators "because these controls use platform-specific drawing functions that do not support customization".

You will have to instead use the regular tree control found in the List & Table palette.


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