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Change boolean front panel control from round to square

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I'd like to change a front panel boolean control from a round LED to a square LED programatically at run-time.  I'm assuming I can do this with one of the invoke or property nodes, but I'm not sure which one.  How do I do this?  Thanks!

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Place two controls on the front panel, one round and one square.  Use the visibility property node to select which one is shown.


Do you want controls or indicators?  LEDs are typically indicators.  For indicators wire the data to both terminals.  If you are using controls, use the same boolean which determines the shape show to also select the data from the terminals.  You cannot wire the outputs of two controls together.



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Accepted by Muelmann

As far as I know you can't. I believe the Style ID property would indicate that information, but that's a read-only property.


Alternative: use two controls, one round and one square, and hide/unhide the one you want.


EDIT: I see Lynn already made the suggestion on two controls while I was writing my reply.

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