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Change a c-series module

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I have created a labview project and am using a RT Controller cRIO-9024 with cRIO-9118 Chassis.  I assigned the NI9474 to 5 of the slots and the NI9425 to the remaining 3 slots.  I now need to change the NI9474 to a NI9478.  When I try to add a new C-Series module nothing happens?  I have even tried removing the NI9474 from the project and I still can't add a new C-Series module.  Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?  Thanks

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Do you only have 1 of each module in your chassis? If so, why have you added the modules to multiple slots? I don't think it will let you add a module if all 8 slots have had modules allocated to them - you will probably need to remove the NI9474 and then add the NI9478. If you rename the module/signals, it shouldn't affect your FPGA code.

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Thanks for the input.  As it turns out something was wrong with my Labview and I landed up having to uninstall and re-install it.  So now it works just like it should.

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