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Change a Labview Project to access Main.VI through Ethernet (Webbrowser)



I have an existing Labview Project, which has lots of VIs and a which displays relevant data and switches. Now I want to access the through direct Ethernet connection with an Internet Browser from a second PC. My understanding is, that I do not need a Port, only the IPs, since a 1 to 1 connection is no Network.

The Embedded Device has the old Project installed, without webserver. I want to upgrade this.


So I added a Webserver to my installer and installed this on the embedded device. Now it has the webserver running, but I cant find out how I can access VIs through html. There is a wizard for web publishing in the tools section which works for the PC where I am editing the Project, but I want to set up the installer to make my embedded device accept all html requests for the by default.


To give you some context, until now I connected via screen mirroring to the embedded device to control my software. Now I want to access the device simply through http request.


Thanks for any help!

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