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Change Run-Time Menu in Packed Library


Is it possible to change the run-time menu of a VI in a packed library? I have a plug-in based application I created using Actor Framework, and ran into an issue after building one of my actors into a packed library. I had been setting the run-time menu of the Actor Core based on which child actor was launched but it will no longer change from the default menu. So far I have not been able to find any documentation indicating whether this property should be available in a PPL or not.

I created a test application (see attached) to verify that it is a packed library issue, not specific to Actor Framework. I am unable to set the run-time menu for a VI in a packed library whether it is an actor or not.

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Hello Cy_Rybicki


If you attempt a simple VI that calls to a run time menu do you get the same behavior? I'm referring to one like below:


Programmatically change run time menu.png 



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Calling the VI using your method produced the same results. When calling the unpacked version, the VI will properly display the custom run-time menu. When calling the packed version the default menu is displayed even though the VI's run-time menu property nodes reads back the correct menu path.

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Hello Cy,


To clarify, custom run-time menu's can be used in PPL's. However, when the specific RT Menu Path property node is executed in a PPL, the path is populated but the default run-time menu is used. 

Run-Time Menu Property Node.png


This behavior has been documented in CAR #743026.


Best regards,

Ryan B.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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