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Case structure possibility?

Hello there,


I am in a situation where I want to adjust a voltage if a certain condition is satisfied.  So I tried a simple case structure. the program works fine. However, I could not figure out certain functionality that I want. I basically want to keep a voltage in a range by continuously checking the conditions (Please check the pdf attached). I was able to construct the condition check part using a case structure, however, I can't figure out how to keep the updated voltages once it updates in the case structure. 

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Sounds pretty straight forward to me, I have attached a VI that will be perfect for this application.


One of the things you are going to find out when comparing doubles is 100 > 99.999999999 and 100 < 100.000000001 


Long ago on this forum post I found an "=" comparison VI that takes into account the digits of precession and made a VI that has an Enum output to drive a Case Structure.


So what you are doing can be a easy as this.



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