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Case selector for case structure not working properly?

Hi! I am trying to make a new case selector, but I am getting the error "The Case structure must have a Boolean, numeric or enumerated input wired to its selector terminal (the '?')." However, I believe the selector is weird properly according to the tutorials I have watched. I am fairly new to LabVIEW, so maybe I am missing a detail.


Thank you!

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It would be easier to help if you attached the actual VI instead of just a screenshot.  There might be something hidden that is causing the error.  One thing I do is is that you have a broken wire which would cause a broken VI, but that wouldn't cause the error message you are seeing.


Try hitting block diagram cleanup.  It's possible the wire or terminal is hidden under something else and you just can't see it.  That would clean up the code and make such a thing easier to see.

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Most likely, your boolean true constant is wired via a regular tunnel that is hidden under the selector terminal.

(of course conncting a TRUE constant to the selector terminal allows only for one case to ever execute and you might as well delete the case structure. Also wiring a constant to an indicator is relatively boring. 😉


Your entire code does not look very polished. What is it supposed to do?

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