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Case Structure with mannualy controls

Hi everyone, 

I am trying to do some computer-measurement of my battery. I came to a part when the program should recognize what is set (discharge/charge/wait) and he should decide with a case structure what to do next (Schritt 1 case in my program). I am trying to make a case structure, but my values in enum wont be recognized as values of the case box. I made it as typedef, but it still doesnt work. Does anybody have an idea what to do with it?

Thanks in Advance!!

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Well, a .lvproj file does not contain any code, so it's fairly useless.


Are you sure you've made an enum, not a ring? An enum (typedef or not) has it's string in it's type, a ring does not. From the FP side, they look exactly the same (by design). From the diagram, they look different. A ring looks like a normal integer, an enum does not.

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I don't even see a case in your code...


In fact I don't see anything here that looks even remotely related to testing batteries.

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Where did that VI come from? I only see one attachment, Untitled Project 2.lvproj ‏30 KB... No .VI or .png?

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That was the only VI inside the project that was attached


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But LVproj files don't contain vi. files.  So where did you get the VI that you showed in the snippet?

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I don't know, I downloaded the file and opened it, that is what was inside.


I can guarantee that is NOT any of MY code.


I guess it could be something left over in my "temp" directory that I downloaded before and happens to have the same name and properties as the untitled vi in the project?

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I wonder if you had some other file called Untitled hanging in your temp folder and it opened that.  It would explain why the VI doesn't match with the OP's description.


When I open the  project, it says Untitled3 is missing or moved.



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@RavensFan wrote:

But LVproj files don't contain vi. files.  So where did you get the VI that you showed in the snippet?

I think there might have been another Untitled in his download folder. That's also why the VI is totally unrelated...


EDIT: why do all your messages (already mentioning this) pop up right after I reply... really annoying.


Is OP still reading this?

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Could you post the VI, not the project?

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