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You won't damage hardware or waste any considerable amount of memory by writing repeatedly to an analog output, it's just not necessary so folks upthread were advising you not to bother. Dataflow controls the order things happen in LabVIEW, so if you want to write to the analog output before your loop begins, put the analog write function to the left of the loop and connect a wire from some output on the analog write to the edge of the loop. If you want to write again once the loop has completed, put an analog write to the right of the loop connect a wire from the loop to an input on the analog write function. 

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I found a new idea that appears to be suited for my functionality.  It is using a Boolean Crossing PtByPt.  


How would I make the Boolean Crossing PtByPt initially contain a false and look for a true from the AND.  I want the Boolean Crossing PtByPt to work in both directions so I need to keep it set to either for the direction.

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There's no need for that, since you're ending the loop and the program as soon as your conditions are met. If you were going to keep the loop running and keep updating the analog output then this would be one way to decide when to do the update, but you only need one analog write after your loop ends, so it belongs outside of the loop.

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Actually forget the Boolean Crossing PtByPt because 1) I do not actually think this will work and 2) I am forgetting the most important lesson in coding "Keep it simple".

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