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Capturing an Image from a webcam in LabVIEW without Vision toolbox

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Always fun with password protected VIs. Smiley Very Happy


So what do you want us to tell you about that VI?


Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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The password is "kengkeng".

Just wondering is it possible to get a still image with that VI

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Found the thread and the password is actual kangkang. If you look at the program you will see that it uses a .NetPicture box. That object has a property Image and if you connect a method node to that Image refnum you can select a Save(String filename) method.


While I haven't tested it I think this is pretty much all that you would need for

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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@PhysicsFTW wrote:

Hi Rolf,

Its part of a larger project that has to be done on labview.

What "Version" of LabVIEW do you have (Base, Full, Professional)?  Are you at a University that has LabVIEW through an Academic Site License?  If so, you should be licensed for the Vision Development Module (which includes code to create single Images in various formats, including PNG, and also videos in AVI format) and the Vision Acquision Software that can acquire images from both USB Webcams (most models) and also several Ethernet-based cameras.  The software is fairly easy to use (though the documentation is a bit "iffy") and is quite robust.


Bob Schor

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Hi rolfk 

My labview skills are very basic im having trouble following your suggested method would you be able to describe a more detailed method to do what you suggested in getting labview to take a picture.

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Accepted by topic author PhysicsFTW

Well lets try to go step by step.


1) Place a button on the front panel and name it Save or something

2) Right-Click in the diagram on  the event structure and select Add Event Case

3) Search for your Save button and select it, and the event Value Change

4) Put the terminal for your Save button into that new case

5) Go on the Picture Control on the front panel, right click on it and select Create->Local Variable

6) Place that local variable in  your event case

7) Select a property node from the function palette and put it in the event structure and wire its refnum input to the local variable

😎 Select in the property node the Image property

9) Place a method node in the event structure and wire its refnum input to the Image property

10) Select in the method node the Save method.

11) Place a File Dialog Express VI on the diagram and als a Path to String node

12) Wire the path output from the File Dialog to the Path to String node and the string output to the filename parameter of the Save method


Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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and the final example is??? 🙂


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I followed the steps but the result is that I get the error I reported in the attached picture.


Any suggestion ?

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Attach the example that you build.



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We need to see VIs, not pictures of VIs, and certainly not pictures of Error Messages!  


Bob Schor

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