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Capture Video from Analog Camera using BNC 2090A

Hello all,


I was reading in a couple other posts that it may not be possible to use the NI DAQ card to capture video, but rather I should use a frame grabber, I have a WATEC 902H2 Supreme analog camera  and I want to capture video off it using my BNC 2090A. My question is do I need a frame grabber, can I use the 2090A, and if not what would you suggest using/doing? Also if I need another piece of hardware could you point me in its direction?


Thanks for the help!



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Well... not exactly, NI did have analog frame grabber but they are now no longer produced, NI decided about 1 year or two ago to abandon analog vision to focus on digital camera. In the past NI board like NI PCI 1407 or 1409 were analog frame grabbers, I think if you really needed one of these you could get then from Vision companies who still have a couple in their stock or from ebay, of course you would have no support or warranty on it.

So your best option is probably to find an analog frame grabber from another company ; which one? well, I would call the manufacturer of the camera and ask if they have any recommendation... I have not used any other than 1407 so I can't advise you on that.

And last note, I don't think you can use your BNC 2090A as a frame grabber...


Hope this helps

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Antoine Chalons

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Thanks for the reply, I will call Watec!



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