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Cant open TDMS file with excel 2016

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Have you tried to reinstall TDM plugin as James_McN suggested? If it doesn't work I think that it may be quicker to uninstall office completely and install it again...




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I got that detailed number by browsing to the DLL file and right-click> Properties and it is in the details table.


The main number was just from the NI Uninstaller application entry for it.



Looking at the download page it suggests the June 2015 version is the same as I have (15.0) at which point I'm afraid I'm running out of ideas!

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Accepted by topic author Slev1n

Ok, it works now.


To sum it up:

The situation: TDM importer exe was already installed (I think it is part of RIO update 2015) and in Excel it was marked as an inactive (open excel --> options --> Add-Ins) Add-In and activating it did not work (run time error) --> opening TDMS files does not work!

My system: I have Windows 10 64 bit, LabVIEW 2015 SP1 32 bit, and Excel 2016 32 bit.


What not helped: Repairing the TDM Importer exe 15, under the "Deinstallation/Change tool" of LabVIEW (this opens if you say you want to delete LabVIEW from your PC, e.g. by choosing deinstallation of NI LabVIEW from your list of installed programms)



1, Deinstallation of the TDM importer exe.

2, Download the TDM importer exe here:

Follow the instructions (this time you will notice there is something to be installed, if you try to instal before deinstalling the already installed version there wont be anything to be installed...check the comments at the link bottom 🙂 this seems to happen to the most of us )

3, After installing, open excel, go to options --> Add-Ins. Now, you will se the Add-in in the list (mine was inactive again). At the bottom there is a control where you can choose "COM-Add-ins". Choose it and press Ok (In German: "Los").

4, Now a small window opens. Check the box left of the "National Instrument TDM importer for MS Excel" and click on "OK".

5, Now, there is not written "Run time error..." anymore at the bottom of the small window.

6, You can now click on a TDMS file: open with --> TDM importer and it works. You can also just double click the TDMS file...



Puh, I hope this works for others, too.


Thanks for your help guys.


kind regards


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After I installed a “Soda PDF” software I couldn’t open my TMDS files any more. I re-installed Microsoft Excel and the TDMS add-in several times, but nothing worked. Until I saw your solution.


Thank you!


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I haven't found any instructions to uninstall the old version of the TDM importer.  How is it done?

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Add remove programs >> NI Software >> Repair / Remove software.  Just like any NI software.

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Thanks for the quick reply.  I was able to uninstall the importer and re-install it.  I tried many combinations of removing it, rebooting, installing it, rebooting.  Nothing restored the functionality that I had last week.

Previously I could double click a .tdms file and it would open in Excel.  I could also open them directly from a labview program.  Now the only way it works is to go to the add-in tab in Excel and click on the importer.

I'm using Excel 2010.  It seems more like a shell extension problem.  It's just frustrating to loose functionality.

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I have the same problem! 

Is the problem solved? 

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I have tried repairing Office, uninstalling and re-installing all NI software, repairing TDM Importer install, nothing works.  The initial problem was that importing TDM files to Excel would cause issues with Excel itself (most paste functions would break), until Excel was shut down and relaunched.  I had hoped that uninstalling and re-installing the TDM Importer would fix the issue, but it has broken completely - nothing I do allows me to add it back to Excel, and attempting to do it manually (selecting ExcelTDM.dll from the Add menu under COM add-ins) just gives an error that the dll is not valid.


Does anyone have any other information that could help solve this issue?

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Solution by Slev1n helped for me. Thanks!

After installing the tdm importer, it was automatically added in excel.

So I didn't need to follow from step 3 onward. 

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