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Cannot write to a virtual name LABVIEW

I am trying to edit driver session in LABVIEW and when doing this I run into two issues. Firstly I do not find that Virtual Names carry over when exporting and importing the configuration files. Secondly I cannot manually write to virtual names in LABVIEW when accessing the driver session's property nodes. Does anyone have any information on at least why this is happening?



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Hey peridom,


Does this also happen when you change the property node to write? 

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Im not sure what you mean. As you can see in the picture, when you have a property node that is a virtual name, the option to "change to write" is unavailable. If you have a property node with other properties as well, you can change it to write, but it wont change virtual name to write, they remain in the "read" state.

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"Because you're not supposed to" would be my guess.

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