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Cannot set source file properties when building NIPM package

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I am trying to build a .nipkg to distribute an executable to target PCs at my company. I installed the package build specification shown in this link. Now I am able to build packages in LV 2016. However, when I would build a traditional installer I would set my .ini files to have the access property "unlock" so they can be located in program files and still be written to. (This is on the tab right after "source files" called "source file properties" when building an installer). When building a package, I do not see this option, so I cannot write to the .ini files anymore. Is there a way around this, or do I have to find a different location to put the .ini files if I want to proceed with NI packages?

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I looks , and it seems that what you need to do is t place the ini files in other folder, seems that the option is not available for that kind of installers.


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