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Cannot select Softmotion (10.0.0) because only an older version (10.0.1) is available on the host. How to I tell MAX that 10.0.1 is NEWER than 10.0.0?

I am trying to get my 9512s installed on my cRIO-9074. I just downloaded the most recent version of SoftMotion and installed it. When I try to add SoftMotion Module to my RT Software load-out though I get the error that my host only has an older (10.0.1) version than the supported (10,0,0). How can I reset this so my software acknowledges the newer version? I never had installed SoftMotion before so I don't know why it thinks I ever had 10.0.0. I also have run the Update Tool and have no updates to perform on any of my tools or modules. Thanks,
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Hey NHuntoon,


Can you share screenshots of the prompt, and also can you detail the versions of your relevant NI software



A. Zaatari

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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Hello, Actually I gave up and uninstalled LabView then re-installed all of the components only using the most recent versions of things. This seems to have worked. Thanks though.
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