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Cannot install because of previous version?

There is still no solution for this?  I've asked all my instructions at school, searched the internet and nothing.  I've tried copying the CD contents to HD and installing and the problem persists.  I've tried intalling labview 8.2 and 8.5 same problem.  I can install either on another computer without problems just not on my labtop.  Still looking for a solution.  I am not impressed with all the problems related to installing this software.

Starving Student
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Hi Nick!


Is there an error code with the message you see? Is it possible to post a screen shot of the message? 


Kristen H.

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Hi all,We have similar install problem and the version is Labview 8.6.We installed Labview 8.5 successfully on the HP notebook before.But when we want to update the software to Labview 8.6, it failed.We cannot find software installed from NI right now in control panel of PC. And when we want to install labview 8.6,the error show up.

We found that the DVD of Labview 8.6 were double layer, and our DVD reader couldn’t read them. Is that the reason we can’t install the software? We have already tried to copy the files from DVD to HD, but it showed same error.

We also list the software in the document attached. Is it the reason because of the conflict between softwares or drivers.

Is there anyone who can help with this?


Thank you a lot.    
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Have you been able to find where the program is installed in your computer?

Open your Command Prompt.

Type : WMIC

then press enter

you should get a prompt,


type in : product get name,version


This should generate a list of installed programs.


To uninstall, once windows has located the program,

type : product where name="NI LabVIEW Full 7.1" call uninstall


This would uninstall LabVIEW 7.1. Do this for all listed LabVIEW software, toolkits.

Make sure you type in the name of the software verbatum

Message Edited by Cory K on 03-06-2009 11:13 AM
Cory K
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Hi Cory,

Thanks for your response.

We will try your suggestion and feedback later.

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Hi StephenChen,

I cannot open the image of your error message because I do not have Microsoft Office 2007.
Could you resave and post the image in either a .doc (2003) file or as an image file (.png)

Cory K
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Here is a screen-ErrorMsg.shot of the error msg.





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Here are the results from the wmic command.




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Hi Cory,

Here is the Error message document.

Thanks for your help.

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Bump, anyone? help please?

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