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Cannot configure SCXI 1102 in parrallel mode

Hi all...

I have a little problem, i have a system made of 3 Daqmx cards : 2 PXI-6254 and 1 PXI-6229. these cards are linked to SCXI modules. The acquisition of the data are done in parrell i.e. the first PXI 6254 is linked to 2 SCXI-1125, the 2nde PXI-6254 is linked to one SCXI 1125 and one SCXI 1102B and the third one is linked to one SCXI 1180 and one SCXI 1102...

So i defined 3 different Daqmx Task in MAX (one for each DAQmx card) and i configured the SCXI rack.. but when i try to configure the SCXI 1102 B or the SCXI 1102  i CAN'T choose the parrallel mode i can only choose multiplexed mode... and therefore, when i run my application, i have the following error:

Error -200619 occurred at DAQmx Start

Possible reason(s):

Measurements: Chassis cannot be used for more than one scanning operation at the same time.

Do only one scanning operation, or combine multiple scanning operations into a single operation.

Can't anybody explain me why ???

Thanks a lot for your futures answers ...
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SCXI 1102 cannot be configured in parallel Mode. see here

Probably thats the reasor for error -200619


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Hi devchander, thanks for your quick answer,

Hmm.. that's what i thought.. but does it means that i have to configure all my cards in multiplexed mode ??? If that's the solution, i only need one Daqmx card to read all SCXI channels....


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Not necssarily, You can have parallel mode for other SCXI modules while acquiring from SCXI 1102 in multiplexed mode

See this Link

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hi thanks again for your answer...
ok i think i understood, you can mix parrallel and multiplexed acquisition but only one DAQ device must acquire all multiplexed SCXI devices... i change the parameters in MAX and it seems to work... Thanks!!!
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