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Cannot change from front panel to block diagram while running the program




I am currently working on a LabVIEW project created by the employee before me. The project has some problems and needs to be corrected. But the problem is when I run the project, I cannot shift to block diagram for debugging. The front panel is fixed. I try to move the front panel and try to click on the block diagram but nothing works, the mouse only works within the front panel while running. I click on window and show block diagram but nothing happens, it just shows the current running VI front panel as GUI and nothing can be done. How can I fix this problem. 

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Hi govindsankar,


@govindsankar wrote:

How can I fix this problem. 

Read the documentation left by the former employee…


No jokes anymore: change the VI settings, especially the "Window appearance" to default - that's what my glass ball suggests.

For more detailed suggestions you might attach your VI!

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using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2019 sometimes) on Win10+cRIO
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Yeah I got it. I forgot where the VI properties were. I found it now and changed it. 

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The FP is probably set to modal (VI Properties>Window Appearance).


A modal window blocks all other LabVIEW VI windows, including diagrams.


I'd set it to floating, as the behavior (always on top) is more like modal. However, it's probably modal for a reason. If the dialog isn't modal, the caller can operate all other open windows (incl. front panels) which might not be supported. If it's the top level VI (e.g. the main), making it modal is redundant and inconvenient.


EDIT: that crossed. I usually automatically switch my modal windows to floating during development, and back when the VI stops... And I try to avoid modal windows altogether.

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