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Can you perform "ymodem" and "kermit" data file transfers from within Labview ?

If third party software vendors can do this, does anyone know who they may be ? In my application, the final product which I must communicate with is a finished commercial product which uses picodos as the operating system and accepts commands and transfers data over an RF Freewave modem, downloading and uploading files using both "ymodem" in procomm and "kermit"(old program) for large data files. I've got around most of the picodos stuff but I'm left with these two items which do not seem to be handled by National.

Help !!!!
Bryce Davis
902-426-3100 ext 284
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I have searched through our database and the web, and I cannot find any information about these modem protocols. I cannot even find a standard so that you could implement the code yourself. You might consider contacting our aliance members--it appears that some of them had modem toolkits in the past. The aliance list can be found at

Jeremy Braden
National Instruments
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