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Can you change the height of a numeric indicator in LabVIEW 2010?

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That's a great idea (changing from "Modern" to another style, whether Silver/Classic/System/etc.).

I don't think a different style can ruin a UI, just change it.

I prefer this over the "custom" control solution just because I'm trying to keep this as a stand-alone file.

It's still too bad that there's a property in there that can't be edited.







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@RavensFan wrote:

Do you need the increment buttons? 

Exactly. I often just hid the incr/decr and the problem disappears, even with modern controls.

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I guess you never need the increment/decrement. I originally took them away, and then added them back in as I thought about how users would want to most conveniently adjust the values. Then I started my search for resizing, which brought me to this thread.




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