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Can you change the height of a numeric indicator in LabVIEW 2010?

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It seems like you could have done this is LV 7.1 as referenced by this article:


However, I also found that in 8.5 you apparently cannot resize the height of the indicator/control... as they may have gotten rid of the numeric text property node.


Any ideas if this is possible?  Thanks.



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I figured this out, the property node spoken of by the 7.1 guide is visible only on the front panel when right clicking on the element itself (and not the entirety of the control).

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In 2019, this property is again not available.

I can't speak to other versions from the past 10 years.

It shows up in the property menu, but "height" is grayed out and disabled.

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The height of a numeric control indicator is determined by the font size you used for that control or indicator.  It is not independently settable.

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That doesn't seem to be exactly right.

In my application, I have an array of 10 numeric controls in a vertical stack.

Each has an attached "increment/decrement".

To the right, I have an array of 10 numeric indicators in a vertical stack.

Both arrays are (currently) in a 16 point font.

No matter what I do, I can't get them to space identically to each other so that they exist exactly side by side. You can see in this screenshot that while the tops of the arrays are perfectly aligned, the bottoms are not.


It's clearly the "increment" that's adjusting the height of the controls to make them taller than the indicators, despite having the same font size.

When I make the font size of the indicator one point larger (i.e., 17), the entire indicator array is then too big instead of too small.

If I go to the "font dialog" (which is sadly not available by right-clicking), and try to enter a font size of 16.5, it truncates it to 16 before applying the change (or not applying it, I guess).

I'd really just like these two objects to match in height.


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Okay.  So it is font size AND other features that may make it look larger like increment buttons.


Do you need the increment buttons?  You could customize the control and make them a little smaller so they don't stick up so high.


Actualy, customizing the control or the indicator may allow you to manipulate the overall housing size of the control.

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Yes.  You can customize a numeric control to change the height.

I have a video on Youtube to show you how:



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At the risk of ruining your UI, can you use the "Silver Controls" in the Array palette? You can get them to match in size. (Array - Numeric Control shown)





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I sometimes use the system controls:



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