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Can we use Vivado insted of Xilinx FPGA compilation toolkit?

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Hello, I have Vivado 2018 software installed in my computer. Can we do LabVIEW FGPA Programming and compilation with out installing Xilinx FPGA compilation toolkit?

if yes please provide sufficient information regarding this like how to interface Vivado 2018 with LabVIEW for FPGA programming and compilation. 

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I assume you have LabVIEW FPGA installed. You definitely need that to LabVIEW FPGA programming. Smiley Happy


If you have an SSP subscription, you can use the NI cloud compile service. No need to install any local compilation tools. What kind of hardware are you planning to use?

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Thanks for the reply. I am a beginner in FPGA I want to learn FPGA programming using myRIO. It is ok with SSP but is there any way to use vivado support for FPGA compilation in LabVIEW?

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Accepted by topic author bhimaabhilash
04-14-2019 03:41 AM

No you can’t! The Xilinx tool chain is just a (very important) part of the FPGA Toolkit but by far not the whole thing! LabVIEW itself needs a considerable amount of extra software that enables the integration of the FPGA funtionality, adds support for various NI hardware platforms with the Xilinx chips on it and interfaces with the Xilinx toolchain in a way that works properly. In fact the Xilinx toolchain itself is optional as you can compile the FPGA bitfe with NIs cloud server which is actually quite a bit faster than on my own computer.

Also each NI FPGA target uses a specific chip which requires the according Xilinx compile toolchain. Versions are important to so trying to replace the toolchain that is installed for use with your specific target when installing the FPGA toolkit is more likely than not turning your entire installation into a disaster especially if you don’t have very intimate knowledge of the Xilinx toolchains different command line tools and their command line interaction between each other.

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Than you Rolf Kalbermatter

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