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Can we interface hardware with labview other than NI hardware

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I have to do my final year project that is to measure current and voltage using labview. So for this purpose I want to know that can we interface hardware other than NI hardware with labview. I need assistance. Help me please.


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Of course you can.  There are probably only rare instances where you can't.  The best way to interface depends on the hardware.


What hardware are you trying to work with?  To get any assistance, you will need to supply some information.

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Sir I have final year project titled " Design and Implementation of Data acaquisition interface using labview for Electrical machines laboratory' for measurement of electrical parameters such as current, voltage etc. So for this purpose I am in confusion that whether I have to design a new hardawre and then interface with labview or use NI hardware for this purpose. I am searching alot on this but cant find a best solution.

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NI makes hardware that can do that.  Other manufacturers make hardware that can do that.  There are benchtop instruments that if they are good enough, provide a serial port or GPIB interface to communicate with.


That is a question to ask your professor.   What hardware is in your electrical lab?

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Can it is possible for me to design a new hardware for that. My teacher ask to design that hardware. I am a student of Bsc Electrical Engineering 6th semester.



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If I had to guess, you are not going to be capable of designing new hardware.


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