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Can the web publishing tool send data to an external web server?

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We have a client that wants to be able to see LabView test results from their office. Everything at our office sits behind a firewall and therefore to allow access to the web server or anything else would require opening up access to the outside world and I do not want to do that. Can the web server that the LV web publishing tool publishes to be external to the organization? For example, you would have to use FTP credentials to access the external web server? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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I do not see a way of doing this with remote front panels. However, you could periodically take a snapshot of your front panel and save it to the FTP server. This way, the test results can be accessed on the FTP site. 


To save a snapshot of the front panel, you would need to use the VI reference (Functions >> Programming >> Appilcation Control >> VI Server reference), invoke node (Functions >> Programming >> Application Control >> Invoke Node) and the 'Write JPEG File' VI (Functions >> Programming >> Graphics & Sound >> Graphic Format >>Write JPEG File). Wire the VI reference to the reference input of the invoke node, choose the Front Panel > Get Image method, and then wire the Image Data output to the Write JPEG File VI to save it to a JPEG file on the FTP server.


I hope this helps. 

Vivek Nath
National Instruments
Applications Engineer

Machine Vision
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I have a related question -  about using the web publishing tool when accessing internet through a wireless hotspot.   The URL it gives me does not contain an IP address, so other computers can't find that site, of course.   Is this a setting in LabVIEW that can be changed, or is this something I need to fix with the wireless hotspot?   




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Hi Heidi,


It would be better to start a new thread on this, as the one we're in is from 2009. That being said, when you publish a VI using the web publishing tool it's based off of the server/computer you're on.  The IP then would be the computer that publishes it.  Also note this is the computer's local IP, not its public facing one.  As such, for someone else to view it they would need to be on your local network.



John M.
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    I am not sure this answers my question.   When I web publish from my desktop computer that is connected by a hardwire connection, I can see that webpage from anywhere - outside of any local network.    But, when I try to do the same from my laptop that is hooked up to a wireless connection,  it doesn't work.   Yet, with this connection, I seem to have a fixed IP from the hotspot.   So, why isn't LabVIEW recognizing this the same as when on the hardwired connection?  

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Hi Heidi,


The problem is that your web publishing tool publishes VIs from your local computer.  On your desktop you may have port forwarding setup on your router or it may be directly connected to the wall (thus it would have a public-facing IP address).  If when you say hotspot you're referencing a phone then you won't be able to as your phone would have to be setup to have a public facing IP, which it isn't.  If by hotspot you just mean a wireless network then you would need to setup the router similarly to how your desktop's router is setup (if it's through a router) in order to allow others to see your VIs.  

John M.
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