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Can't send a file bigger than 3MB using Smtp Client

I am trying to send an excel file that is bigger than 3MB using Smtp Client and LabVIEW. When I send files less than ~3MB the code works fine, otherwise it gives me an error. I know I can send files bigger than 3MB using gmail, but when I try to do it through LabVIEW I get an error. Does anyone know how to get around this? 



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Just using that sample code, is there an actual error produced or is it simply a failure to send the email?


If it is an error, do you know if it is occuring at the ADD invoke node or the SEND invoke node?


[EDIT] I just read through again and you say error, but dont specifically state what it is. Could you provide details on the error that is being returned?

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I have attached the error below. It happens afte the send invoke node. 

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