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Can't programatically unlock objects on a tab in LV2017

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@stevem181 wrote:



You'll need to recurse over the pages. So:


Recursion is really cool.

Except when you forget what you are doing and try to open the vi on the block diagram, only to realize that this is the vi that you are editing.

Hypothetically speaking, of course Smiley Wink

Or you are single stepping into the recursive calls and stop the VI without backing out of all of the recursive single-stepping. I do not remember  which version but LV would crash.



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Yes, debugging is not easy with recursive code.


Recursion gets even cooler with OO. Then you mix polymorphism with recursion! It doesn't apply too often, but when it does, it saves tons of work. Actually not sure how to do that without OO anymore.

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