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Can't perform multiple counter operations on USB-6210



I am trying to perform two separate counter measurements on my 6210.


-The first counter is setup in Max as a Linear Encoder. This is working properly.

-The second counter is setup in Max to read Frequency. This will not work. Explanation:


If I create a Task to acquire both counters, Max will not allow me to add the second counter channel to the task. (Multiple measurement types are allowed, but apparently not these two). If I try to read the two channels separately as Global Virtual Channels, the first will read fine, but then I get an error saying the resource is busy before the second counter can be read.


There must be a way to do this. Any help is appreciated.




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You may want to look at this KNOWLEDGEBASE ARTICLE:  🙂

Sam S
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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kevmi2ca, are you going to be working with LabVIEW?  If so, you can use the DAQmx Channel Property node to re-assign those PFI lines as mentioned in that article.  Here is a quick overview of DAQmx Property Nodes:


Specifically, the property you would use is CI.CountEdges.Term.

Paul Davidson
National Instruments
Senior Business Manager - Web Product Documentation
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Thanks guys. I think what I'll try to do is determine the frequency using the angular position measurement. This should be feasible using the proper math technique. I'll just need to figure it out...

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