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Can't find cRIO on my computer


I am using a cRIO 9004 CompactRIO Real-Time Controller with NI9401 module in my school's lab. I am not sure if this is the first time this compactRIO installed on this computer. I connect the cRIO to computer by crossover cable and I can find it in the Measurement & Automation Explorer as shown in 'MAX interface' and 'MAX interface2' screenshots. The status there shows the cRIO is connected but the parameter like the 'System Start Time' is unavailable. Also, I cannot find any device under the 'Devices and Interfaces' option. I cannot expand the Software option under the Remote Systems option and the MAX is not responding when I click the Software button. I also try to build a new project and set the cRIO as device, then I find the problem shown in the 'New Project' screenshot I attached below. 


Does anyone know what happens there. I am really new to LabView and NI devices, your help will be critical for me.



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I would recommend uninstalling the cRIO driver and reinstalling it from our website. Also, I would suggest taking a look at the Getting started guide for CompactRIO. Page 3 of the guide indicates the software required to use your cRIO. I would recommend taking a look at that. I am linking the getting started guide below. 


Link: Getting Started with CompactRIO and LabVIEW




Shezaan Noorani

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Hi, Shezaan,

Thank you for your reply. Yesterday I figured out the problem was the device IP address didn't match the PC's ipv4 address. With that solved, I finally could find my cRIO. The next problem is to install all the drivers I need, so your link will be very helpful. 


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