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Can't find SimpleDAQ drivers

Greetings. So this is what I have to do (look at the picture). The problem is I can't find driver " Read Analog " -> Paleta -> Functions -> Instrument I/O -> Instrument drivers -> SimpleDAQ -> Data . I think I downloaded almost every driver there is and can't still find it. I'm using NI Labview 2017. I would really appreciate some help, I'm so desperate. Thanks


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Perhaps you should ask the manufacturer of your DAQ.

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I downloaded everything via NI Package Manager which is official.

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Could you please clarify a little bit more what device do you have? (name, vendor)

Also, would be very useful if you could provide some image showing what do you exactly download in package manager. Thanks!

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I haven't used it, but I believe NI package manager is a tool for downloading third party drivers. NI doesnt develop or maintain those drivers, just provides a means for getting them. 


I have no idea what 'SimpleDAQ' is, nor does a google search turn up anything obvious. Who makes this driver? That's who you should be directing the question to. Or, provide a link to where you got it, and someone can check it out and provide feedback.

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