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Can't find PXIe 8135 as a option in MAX



I am trying to setup a project with the PXIe 8135 controller and the PXIe 1085 chassis but can't find it in MAX. I am currently downloading the latest DAQmx drivers 9.6.1, so hopefully that helps. I am trying to run the setup the project with simulated hardware until we get the PXI that's on order.


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Hi PXi8135


You should find the controller under the chassis expanded under 'Devices and Interfaces' on 'My System'


Let me know how you get on.


Kind regards

Chris | Applications Engineer NIUK
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NO Luck... Look DAQmx 9.6 is not installed yet and it look like I dont have support for the PXIe8135 yet I am running LABVIEW 2011

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Hi Again


I checked the manual here, on page 6 you can see that PXI Platform Services must be installed for the controller to show up properly in MAX.

Do you have a PXI Platform Services CD or a National Instruments Driver DVD?

Alternatively you can download it here


Kind Regards

Chris | Applications Engineer NIUK
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This looks like it could be the answer that I was looking for, will update you if it works.

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I was just told by NI support atht he PXIe-8135 only supports LabVIEW 2012 if you're using it for Real-Time. I noticed also in a host computer that doesn't have 2012 that it's unable to display the controller at all in MAX either.

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Hi H-Yong,

It is seems that I am facing the same problem with you, I am using Laptop to connect to PXIe-8135, which is embedded in NI PXIe-1082. But in "my system", PXIe-8135 does not appear. Please find the attached picture.

I dont know why, I am using Labview 2013.


Please guide me if you have already solved your problem 5 years ago.

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Sorry, I actually cannot remember how this was fixed Smiley Sad

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