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Can't connect to raspberry pi by TCP/IP

Hello everyone


I want to use a raspberry pi 2 as a cheap external digital output module for switching relays.
I installed LINX and set up my Raspberry Pi 2 like the tutorials explain.

Also I use the recommended Labview 2013 32bit SP1 version.

The pi is found at the LINX target configuration menu.
When I create a new project, I can add it the raspberry pi a target in my project and connect to it, everything fine.
I also can run VIs, like the examples, on it without problems when putting the VI's into the Pi tree (instead of My Computer), so connection and setup of the raspberry should be fine.
But when I move the VI to My Computer and change the source of LINX to TCP, I got error 5003

LabVIEW was unable to connect to the LINX device using the following settings:

Interface: TCP/IP
IP Address: ( like set up in the LINX configuration)
Port: 3363

I tried port 3363 and 44300 because I found these ports when searching for a solution, but I can't connect.
I enabled TCP in the Pi settings -> VI Server, also I added the IP of my desktop to VI Server -> machine access and to User access as well, but still can't connect.
Is this an access problem, or wrong port number, or what can I do to connect to the Pi by TCP?

The pi is pingable with this IP, also I can connect by putty to it.

I can't run the VI local on the Pi by moving it to the raspberry in the project tree because I have to use other VISA devices as well.

Also I guess the communication by ethernet or serial is implemented in LINX so it can actually be used.


Thanks in advance

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Is the PC's IP address in the same IP range?

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Yes, the PC's IP address is static.

 Also the same subnet mask.

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Firewall (temporarily) off?

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(4,094 Views) sure sounds like the IP address of a router.  Are you sure you should be setting the PI to this address?

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Pi and desktop are only wired with one ethernet cable, no routers / switches involved.

Both devices have static IP configured as shown above.

Pi is pingable and can be accessed by SSH by putty.

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Are you just trying to use a Pi because it is the hardware you have on hand?  Because an Arduino is probably a more reliable, and cheap solution for a digital out device.  LINX, and LIFA support talking to an Arduino over USB, and there are several relay shields made that snap right on the top.  I only suggest this because I have no experience with Pi and LINX.

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I want to use the Pi because I tested it with local settings, then I build up the whole settings around it, thinking it will run all nice, and now I put too much time in it to start again.

Next time maybe I will try the arduino.

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