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Can't Read TDMS Properties

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I have a TDMS file written by a non-LabVIEW program with several custom properties. I have no problem extracting the waveform data. When I look at the file with the built in TDMS File Viewer, all of the embedded TMDS properties (of my "wav_cap" group) show up nicely. When I try to programmatically get the data using "TDMS Get Properties", I get an empty list. Does someone know what might be going on here? I'm using LabVIEW 2020




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Could you please share the TDMS file for us to look at?


BTW, if something works in TDMS Viewer in LabVIEW, that means TDMS APIs should be able to get it done (simple as TDMS viewer was build in LabVIEW using the same TDMS APIs that you use in your application)

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I'd guess you need to specify the names of the properties you're interested in.

At least this way works for me (LV 2020), even if our data groups have not a lot of properties...



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Thanks all for the help.
Looks like this was a problem related to my front panel not updating (see screenshot below). When I probe the output of TDMS get properties, the value shows up as expected, but my front panel indicator never updated to the proper value until I cleanly stopped the VI (I have no idea why). But this means there is no problem with TDMS get properties.



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