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Can't Install LabView

While trying to install the LabView programming environment along with the JKI VI Package Manager, I always receive the following error. I have tried installing LabView without the Package MAnager but get the same results. What should I do?Screenshot 2020-09-21 104305.png.


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LabVIEW is a large, complex piece of software.  In previous years (when it was less complex), it was delivered on CDs, DVDs, or USB Keys, and was generally installed by experienced LabVIEW Developers (and even then, there were troubles, cf. LabVIEW 2011).


Now, LabVIEW is larger, more complex, many "versions" (32-bit/64-bit, LabVIEW vs NXG), and is now managed by NI Package Manager (which has its own "growing pains").  The error you are seeing ("Please check your Internet connection") is the classic NIPM "Oops, Unknown Error" message.


My guess is that you attempted to do an "Install everything all at once", which should work, but (in my experience) doesn't always  There are numerous replies here on the Forum that discuss suggestions about how to install LabVIEW (and how to uninstall it safely so you can "start over").  


Bob Schor

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Oh no the dreaded ni-vipm Please check your internet connection message. 


  1. Please check your internet connection is a red herring and must be the default error message
  2. NI Package Manager 2020 is a mess I have more than one ticket in for NI-VIPM Issues
    1. NI-VIPM has messed up more than one executable distribution making TWO computers non-bootable, and non (Windows auto-) repairable.
      1. Requiring a full OS restoration on both computers 
    2. A similar NI-VIPM issu while installing LabVIEW 2020 has made it impossible to install ANY LabVIEW version on one computer.
      1. Even trying to install LabVIEW 2019 now fails because of NI-VIPM
      2. A full OS restoration is what NI is recommending for that computer.
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I've wrestled with a lot of NIPM issues (and done several "repairs" by starting with "Format C:").  I have only installed LabVIEW 2020 once (on a "clean" VM that I wasn't afraid to delete, as it was a clone, already), and have resisted upgrading VIPM from 2019 to 2020.  Didn't realize that VIPM was yet another "trap" ...


Bob Schor

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