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Can someone convert these drivers from LV 5.1. to LV8.6?

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I would be very grateful.   



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Attached is the library in 8.2, which you can open in 8.6. Warning: Several VIs were calling some VIs that were not in the library. It seems as if they were referencing VIs in another library (probably the 3916 library, based on the name of the VIs that were being sought.
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Thank you!


Sadly, the 3916 drivers do not appear to exist anymore.  I checked on the ILX website and these were the only drivers that popped up for this particular instrument.  Oh well.  These will probably give me a starting point for rewriting the drivers, at least.  😛  If nothing else, I can pull out the programmer's manual and start from scratch.


Your help is much appreciated!  Thank you again!


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Accepted by topic author DianeS
I found them on the manufacturer's web site (through a link from the NI Instrument Driver Network)
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You rock!  I followed the NI link to the ILX website for the 39XX drivers and it didn't show up...or maybe I was just really dumb and missed it.  Or maybe there's another page that you can get to from the ILX site that isn't linked to the NI site.  Anyway, thank you so much for making the extra effort to help.  Much appreciated!



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Duh.  There it is.  I went back and looked a bit more closely and it's listed with some of their other controller eyes must have just skipped over it.


<smack forehead>

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