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Can not view "Properties"

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Hello everyone!

I am not a LabView King (yet) .... but I have some skills in programming in other areas.  I have been playing with a few programs on multiple PCs and came to one particular PC where I am unable to view "properties" on anything within the program.  I can edit the program all I want ... but when it comes to a "right-click" and a "view properties" ... i get an hour glass (for a second) ... and then nothing.  Hmmmm.  Any ideas out there.  The problem occurs on ALL programs on this one PC ... so I was thinking there might be some .dll file or something missing from the LabView installation ... but I really don't want to go through a re-install until I know for sure.  Is there some option I am missing that would cause such a headache to an eager learner as me?


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Has anyone seen this problem before?  Suggestions?  Ideas?  Maybe my original message didn't explain the problem clear enough?  Help(?)  🙂

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Sounds like a corrupt installation. There's no "setting" in LabVIEW that would control this that I am aware of. I had a corrupt installation of LV8.6 that screwed up my palettes. Uninstall-reinstall fixed it.
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Are you referring to right-click on controls (or indicators) and selecting "properties"?  and then nothing happens?
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Yes ... right-clicking on controls (or indicators) and selecting "properties" ... I do not get the "properties" box that I am familar with.  I get nothing ...
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Is it possible that you moved the dialog box off to the edge of the screen and then changed monitor settings such that it now is hidden off the screen?


Check around the edges of the screen to see if a 1-2 pixel edge of the properties box is lurking somewhere. 



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Well I just went and looked for a moved properties box ... but it's not there.  There is however, after the cursor turns into a quick hour-glass symbol ... it becomes a "No" Sign (circle with a backslash) until moved.
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Which version of LabVIEW are you using?


(did I miss it?)

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7.1 (don't hate)
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no hating, LV7.1 remains one of my favorite versions.

I occasionally still use it.


Can you post your vi and we can have a look at the properties of objects?  Let us know which object you look at that cause problems.



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