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Can not select Scan Mode

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When I start a new project and select target devices, labview will always automatically select FPGA mode. According to the instruction, there should be a step to select the SCAN mode or FPGA mode. Why it does not appear in my system? Thanks


I used NI cRIO-9014 with cRIO-9101 chasiss. The software is NI-compactRIO 15.0.

Thanks a lot for the help.

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03-16-2018 01:09 PM



What do you mean by "I used NI cRIO-9014 with cRIO-9101 chassis" ? How is your hardware setup ?

From what I read, I think you cannot use Scan Mode with cRIO 9101 but only with module inside the 9101 :

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Thanks! You are correct. Chassis 9101 does not support Scan mode. But It seems like Hybrid mode is ok. 

Thanks for the help!

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