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Can not copy file/creat new folder to FTP of CompactRIO

Hi  All



I am a beginner of CompactRIO


I met a very strange problem. I can not create a new folder or copy a file to ftp of my compactRIO(local disk), it seems read-only.

and I also can not find the u:/ disk, when I tried to use USB(fat32) stick


Does anybody know what's happen?




Best regarrds



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Hi jiemo,


Are you able to FTP files through MAX instead of through a web browser, or vise versa?


If you do not know how to FTP into your device through MAX follow the link bellow and it will walk you through the process

FTP Transfer of Files between Host and Real-Time Targets in MAX


<Brian Aswege | Applications Engineering | National Instruments> 

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