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Can multiple versions of the Labview RT Engine co-exist transparently ?

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I have a PC which runs Teststand which only calls Labwindows\CVI functions, but no Labview calls.

The PC has various versions of the Labview RT Engine loaded. I intend to load another, more recent version of the RT Engine so that I can run a Labview .exe .


My questions are, is the process of finding the correct version of Labview RT Engine when the .exe is run transparent to the end user ?


Having run and closed one version of the Labview RT Engine could this then affect the version of Labview adapter used by Teststand later ? 


Also can a Labview .exe be run from a USB memory stick as a command line parameter to the Labview RT Engine also loaded on the stick ?





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Accepted by topic author Gary_H.

Yes, you can have multiple versions of the LabVIEW run-time engine.


You can certainly put a LabVIEW-built .exe  on a USB drive.  I don't think you can install the RT engine on that drive.  You need to install the RT engine on your actual PC.  There are a lot of dependencies involved that need to be installed.

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