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Can it be reset


Can it be reset


Hi Guys.,

I need something similar.

I need a vi that when I press true signal, it collects data and when release the true or change to false, it gives me the average of data collected and resets the collector for the next true signal....

Thanks in advance





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Re: Can it be reset

Mean PtByPt


Edit:  The point by point VIs are located in the Signal Processing palette.

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Re: Can it be reset

Sounds like a nested while loop building an array of acquired values that is fed into the upon leaving the inner while loop.

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Re: Can it be reset

Your use of the word "collector" hints at express VIs and dynamic data Smiley Sad. Please show us some code.


If your signals are scalars, the "mean ptbypt" will be sufficient and there is an input to reset.

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