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Can i optimize write of large data array into text file ?


I would caution that IIRC, parallelizing the For loop where you write your data can *NOT* be depended upon to write the data in the proper order.  The execution order of the parallel instances isn't prescribed and is probably unpredictable to mortals.



-Kevin P


<EDIT>  Dang, did it again.  Had a tab open to reply, didn't get around to it immediately, forgot to refresh before posting, found that I was just repeating what was already said.  Oh well, maybe two answers reinforces the point...

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@altenbach wrote:

@mcduff wrote:


I did not know writing to an ASCII file could be done in parallel. Did you check that everything is written in the right order?


I would expect that the right order is not guaranteed using a parallel FOR loop.

Yes, definite oversight. Smiley Embarassed

The code is still slightly faster even without the parallelism.

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Sorry, i've been a little busy these last days.


Thank you all for your answers and explanations. Your answers helped me a lot, and I was able to update my application and save time during its execution.

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