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Can i make an automatic Print screen in labview ?????

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Hi mike grt post.Thanx for the zip files.Works fine for me.
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All people around these forums like Mike! 

Yup we sure do!!!!Smiley Happy
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Please ignore

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Is there any chance someone could convert the Vi's to 7.1


Thanks all for all the help......

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Hi Mike,


great VI's. I used them with LabVIEW 2009 SP1 without a problem (only had to reconnect some broken error-wires after conversion from LV 8.0). They work great, thanks.


Unfortunately they don't work with LabVIEW 2010. It crashes as soon your tries to execute (at least on my XP it does). I guess it's a LabVIEW-Bug, what do you think?




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Hi Thomas,

you are correct. There is a mistake in the dll call. Please change the dll call in the "Move Block vi". It has to be a Win API call instead of a C call. With this change it works well for me in LV2010.

Hope it will also work for you.



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Hi Mike,


thanks for you quick response. Changing the call method helped.


But I have another problem now: my executables crash as soon a SubVI containing your VI's gets loaded into memory (done with open-vi-reference). This happens with LV2009 and LV2010 executables. Do you have any clue why? Did you try your VI's with executables? Is there anything special I have to consider to use them with executables?


Thanks in advance,




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Hi Thomas,

i never tried the vi's in an executable. Did you delete the automatic copied dll, which are locate beside the exe in the data folder? Maybe this would solve the problem.



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I've managed to print-screen and then save it as a png using the "write to png" built in sub-Vi. I then email the png gile to myself so that I may remotely monitor progress. However, I do this multiple times (in a loop) without stopping the VI. I've noticed that the files that are written remain open and in-use by Labview untill the VI stops. This is problematic, as, ideally, I'd like to simply write over the same png file. You can also imagine that, over time, so many image files in-use would consume a lot of memory.


Do you know of a way to create the png (or jpeg.. whatever) file such that the file is closed without closing the labview VI?



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