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Can driver for SR830 and SR844 be used interchangeably?

I don't have the 2010 version; I am not getting any errors on my part. Sorry, I cannot help further. I suggest you find the errors and try to fix them yourself.


Now, I am using RS232 (DCE)  to USB port of the lockIn amplifier (RS844) instead port instead of the GPIB/USB adapter.


There are some commands in my program that are not compatible with a serial interface. Also you may have to change the way the data is downloaded to avoid termination characters in the byte array.




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Hello mcduff,


I am developing a GUI for SR830 with Serial Comm(RS232).I downloaded your attachment but unfortunately its for GPIB,the code seems little complex for me as i am not very familiar with labview.

Can you please share your Serail Comm Vi for the same or can you please advise me on making changes in your current Vis.


Thanking in advance...



Krupa V

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That program could use a rewrite; unfortunately, I have not had time to do it.


I would suggest that you go to the NI Instrument Driver page and download the code there. It should/may work for serial. You would have to look through the programing manual for the lock-in to see what is support by serial and what is not. Sorry I cannot provide more help.


Good Luck.




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Thanks for your response.


Please kindly check your private msg box for my email.



Krupa V

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I am facing the same error while using Serial Comm.May i know if you were able to fix it and proceed further,if so i request,please share the solution



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Hi mcduff,


First of all, thanks a lot for sharing the code which works great for data capture in my case.

I am new to Labview and coding in general. My question: Is it possible to use this VI in another VI. If not, can you suggest what modification I need to make? I want to collect data for longer time. So I want to put it inside a loop, wait for completion of data capture, start collecting data again etc.




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Hi mcduff,


You can create a VI and then use it on the Block Diagram of another VI.


This is called a SubVI, and this link is a Tutorial which explains how to use them.


I hope this helps!

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That program is something I wrote a while ago. As of now my LabVIEW skills have improved and I would not write it the way that I did.


I suggest taking the bits and pieces that you need and putting them in a loop rather than the whole program, the whole program may be waiting on some Front Panel event.



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Ok, Thanks and I wiil try that.

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