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Can NI USB-6356 work with Matlab?

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Can NI USB-6356 work with Matlab?

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Accepted by topic author Pengxiansheng
10-07-2017 09:46 PM

Did you read any of the manuals associated with this hardware?  Was Matlab mentioned in any of them? Software compatibility is lists as needing DAQmx and list several languages it supports.  That being said I didn't think Matlab was a data acquisition software tool.  I thought Matlab was more of a data processing tool in which case I'd say the collected data from a program written in one of the supporting languages could be exported into something Matlab can handle.  So in a sense yes this hardware can work with Matlab through extra steps, but is likely not the question you meant to ask.  If you ask "Is there driver support for this hardware in Matlab" I'd say not directly.

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