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Can LabView replace a waveform generator in an equivalent time sampling application?

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Hello all!

I am trying to get together a list of equipment that I need for implementing an equivalent time sampling application. A similar project used an Agilent 33220A to generate a waveform, but I was wondering if LabView could be used in lieu of that equipment?

Thanks in advance!

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Maybe. You could use the sound card to output a signal in the audio bandwidth, but you will be limited by the max amplitude you can provide with respect to a function generator, in addition to any voltage offsets you may want to add to the signal. You could use a DAQ device to output your waveform but you need to look at the specs to see if it matches your needed frequency and output levels.



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Thank you for the quick response! I was looking into using a DAQpad 6016 or maybe a FPGA. I am still in the beginning stage of my project, so I am just trying to get some ideas. 

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There are numerous applications where the FPGA cards are used to create multiple waveforms and frequencies.

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Unless there is a misprint or I am looking at the wrong information a DAQpad can only output 300Sa/s, which is pretty low. A fpga can work, but it more expensive and difficult to program. I would recommend looking at low cost DAQ devices.



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Thank you so much for your help! I will look into other daq possibilities!

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