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Can I view a project with a RT PXI chassis without the chassis?

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I have some source code from a customer that I'd like to review, but the project includes a PXI target (with a bunch of modules) and an SCXI target (also with a bunch of modules).


I'd like to just view the source code. Opening the project gives me an error for the RT PXI stuff since I don't have the right target on my PC. All of the VI's for that device don't show up. They do show up on that target on the client's PC, which has the chassis installed.


Is there a way to view the project layout without the target device?

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Hi Bert,


as long as you have the needed drivers/modules/toolkits installed you can view the source code in this project.


Do you have Realtime installed with all drivers needed for that PXI target?

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Well, I thought I did. I'm redownloading RealTime right now... when I tried to install it the last time I got a confusing message: "Installed successfully: LabVIEW RealTime. Could not install: LabVIEW RealTime." 🙂


It mentioned something was incompatible with products already installed. I currently have LV 2016 (32 bit) and LV 2018 (32 and 64 bit) so something's confused. I thought I had fixed that but apparently not- thanks for the tip. I'll see if I can figure it out.

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Looks like that was the issue. I thought it was complaining that I didn't have the chassis installed- apparently I didn't have RT installed. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


For future Googler's of this issue, the thumb drive NI sent me couldn't get RT installed right, but the standalone downloader on the NI website was able to install it fine on the first try.

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